Life on the road: Road Trip!

Just got back from an incredible few days at the Small World Spring Festival. It was five days of pure magic - a weatherly mixture of sun, rain and amazing thunderstorms that put on nature's lightshow for us.! Yeah, we played at least five electric gigs and a few all-nighters, singing around the campfire with our acoustic guitars. Can you believe it, we're more than just a punk rock band?! We opened up the musical shenanigans at the Rustic Folk Festival and finally played on the main stage at the brilliant Cosmic Puffin Festival 10.5 - what an incredible month it's been. We can't tell you'll where we'll be next as yet, as we're still on the run from those pesky Inter-Galactic Order Force bods... Keep updated of our whereabouts by filling in the contact form to get on our secret mailing list!