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The Knights Templar

June 28, 2018

HaHa We did it again! The Inter-Galactic Order Force (I.O.F) have been after us, hot on our tails, but we managed to shake them off and even shoot some videos too!

Dru and I successfully made the pilgrimage to Glastonbury for the Summer Solstice, as well as my birthday celebrations! Yep, I started the day with candles and cake as the sun rose. It was magical :-)
Whilst up on Glastonbury Tor at sunrise, Dru had the strangest feeling and notified me that we might be being watched. Our suspicions were correct. I.O.F were patrolling and produced a sound stun ray weapon... Luckily, we managed to dodge it and thanks to Flossy the unicorn and her magical wings, we flew down the hill with great speed.

We headed to the City of Bath and tried taking sanctuary in the Abbey but was denied entry.
To our rescue... The Knights Templar! They even allowed me to take a pic with one of their shields, how cool is that? A great day it was, filled with fun and laughter - their temple was lovely. We also went inside the Bath Masonic Lodge (but that's a different blog) and yes, we have pix of that too.
Got to go now... But will keep you regularly posted

xx Love Serena

ps - I donned my Knights Templar dress and Unity Division headed to Cornwall with the mission of a lfetime!
See our "Cornfield in Cornwall" vlog.




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