++ Inter-Galactic Order Force Statement ++
They say that music is the language of the soul, which may have an element of truth.
Yet, in complete defiance of our "No Revolutionary Music" Decree, this three-piece band have been found guilty of composing harmonious, unifying, inspirational sounds. Skillful performers and interplanetary escape artistes they may be, yet Unity Division have left a trail of happy people and earnt a reputation as a talented band to look out for. We are still seeking them out, as they are still missing and need to be detained.  All three members managed to escape our clutches, slipping through our grasp after their live gigs on Venus and Mars.
We have been tracking them and they are rumoured to  have produced a six track mini-album on your planet Earth. We are not sure where these recording sessions took place, but are keen to locate them and their music before they have a positive impact on your planet. Wanted for crimes against the Inter-Galactic Order Force, we want to stop them before they continue to inspire more fans amongst the worlds that they visit.

CONTROL IS WHAT THE I.O.F IS ALL ABOUT - and we demand your assistance, IF they are on your planet!
We need to find them. Their music is distinctive, their appearance can change at any time. We have very little information at present, and want you to keep your ears open - see the photos and help us find them!

Signed by the Inter-Galactic Order Soul Removal Force
Controllers of your planet Earth and the entire solar system


UNiTY DiViSiON - a LIVELY fun silicone-free Rock-Punk-Folk-Ska band last seen in south-east London!

SERENA leads with an exciting vocal tone, brickwall guitar and a visual feast of onstage mid-song costume changes, whilst DRU has a pure, sweet voice melding his haunting vocals with the dichotomy of angular rhythm guitar and a little thunderous bass noise.
VINCE the drummer dishes out massive kicks and interesting beats Punk/folk rhythms and chainsaw guitars mash with soaring heartfelt harmonies.
UNiTY DiViSiON write lyrics that are heart-wrenching in their honesty - delivered with a passion, singing of conscientious living, good vibes, DIY ethics and positive self-awareness. It's all bundled up within a sense of fun and festival spirit Serena's musical history traces back to all-girl punk band Seventh Seal. Dru sang backing vocals on BILLY BRAGG's "Don't Try This At Home" alongside MICHAEL STIPE

"UNITY DIVISION ROCK!!" - quote from PunkRock veterans, New York Dolls

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