Looe Saves The Day

Wow, you may have heard about the Looe Music Festival and how it got cancelled and the crazy idea of how all the locals decided that they could pull it off themselves? You didn't? Well they've only gone and done it!

After starting a crowdfunding page "Looe Saves The Day" raised the initial target of £30,000 quid within just 48 hours after the launch of the fund raising campaign! And, amazingly, the extra £10,000 that was needed to make sure everyone is kept safe whilst enjoying themselves was also raised. Incredible.

As we all love Cornwall, and this was such a great story of overcoming adversity, we thought it would be a great idea to do our bit to help by offering to perform in Looe.

We could see how busy the organisers were, so we sent 'em our press pack and waited, finally chatting with a couple of the crew who pulled this amazing feat together, Neil and Michaela. They we so friendly and helpful, despite an overwhelming amount of things to do. We got the-go ahead that Unity Division has (at least) two gigs booked during Looe Saves The Day festival.

++update++ Serena and I stayed on after the festival had finished (any excuse to stay in that lovely village!), and were invited to play an acoustic set at the wonderful Globe Inn. The publicans Jon and Anouska made us feel like part of the family, and we made many other great new friends too, including Looewee-the-fisherman, and Bobby-the-Postie. you'll meet them in the vlog, below!

So, here I am, knee-deep in concern about how we'll get ALL of our gear into the vehicle, followed by a long drive, though that's relatively minor compared to what the people of Looe are busy with. "Shhh!" We're planning on loading up at about 3am tomorrow morning, which should be fun - as long as we don't wake the neighbours with lugging Vince's drums and cymbals into the van!

Looking forward to this so much, here are some clips of the shenanigans that we got up to in Looe!

Check out the official Looe Saves The Day site to keep updated, as the event will be going ahead in 2019, stronger than ever. Unity Division are happy to perform there again - 'cos Cornwall rocks!